Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This just in: France surrenders

Recent events have given us an entirely new perspective on our longtime allies and staunchest supporter, France. Steadfastly they have withstood the test of time and loyalty as not merely political allies, but trustworthy friends in the battle for freedom and democracy worldwide. From before the days when Vichy was prominent even up until today, we have always been able to depend upon them. This, I expect, will not change any day soon. In 2001-2003, la Belle France aided Saddam in undermining the United Nations’ established sanctions against his outlaw regime, in order to line a few prestigious Parisian pockets. France has been seen cozying up to Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and al Aqsa, as well, and is making none-too-quiet statements in support of Syrian-backed Hizb’ Allah, which has occupied and terrorized Lebanon for many long years while indiscriminately lobbing bombs at civilians in Israel. And they like the quaint way Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dresses, and the delightfully French manner in which he thumbs his nose at Western civilization and liberty as introduced by anybody other than themselves.

But they’re doing even more than that, now. These brave souls, after having sent 200 soldiers to Afghanistan -- promising to protect the new democracy -- are declaring the area “too dangerous for us” after 9 of their soldiers were killed by Taleban forces. They are bringing their soldiers home. To hell with the new democracy, to hell with those foreigners who are stupid enough to have been born in a war-torn region filled with al Qaeda. But then, I suppose we should be understanding about their departure, since they’ll need those troops in and around Paris.

After all, having virtually ignored the problems stemming from an isolated immigrant population in their own ghettos, France’s major cities are now seeing night after night of civil unrest the likes of which likely have not been seen since the end of the eighteenth century. It’s more than simply overturning and burning cars -- and the occasional assault upon those pesky Jewish merchants and schoolgirls and such (who have obviously done so much harm by their mere existence). The Muslim “youths” have declared their suburban neighborhoods to be “a part of the caliphate,” and promise severe harm to any outsiders who enter. So far, as of the time I write this, more than a dozen Parisian police officers have been badly injured in confrontations. Just this past Sunday, upon answering a call for help, two gendarmes were set upon, barely escaping with their lives, from a mob of “youths”. One is still in the hospital.

I suppose the French national security department needs its gun back from Afghanistan.

But that gun isn’t coming directly home. France committed itself to patrolling the border between Israel and Lebanon, ostensibly to prevent hostilities from erupting again between Hizb’ Allah and the Israelis. And they’re doing a dandy job of it, I hear. They’ve already stated that they will not stop the Syrian terrorists from smuggling weapons back into southern Lebanon -- according to the UN agreement, when they signed on to patrol the area, that was their primary function, but, hey, as long as we’re talking about the UN and France in particular, what exactly did we expect? That they would really shoot terrorists? That they would act to protect innocent citizens? It is to laugh. No, France has announced that they will fire at Israeli Defense Force aircraft flying over Lebanese territories, as said planes go about the business of spotting Syrian terrorists smuggling weapons into Lebanon. Israel is defending the integrity of Lebanon’s borders, defending long-term Lebanese interests as well as their own. Israel, in patrolling the borders and preventing more missiles from being shipped into Lebanon, may actually save UN “peacekeepers” while they’re at it, and la Fwance is bravely promising to shoot the Israeli defenders.

The Dutch, the Danes, the Germans, the British, the Japanese, even the Colombians recognize genuine threats and agree to act upon them both thoughtfully and with honor. But, somehow, the Left looks to France for its example, and thus abets terrorists. No matter what other examples of honor and courage we may find across the globe, when it comes to backstabbing, craven, and self-serving national leaders (even at severe cost to their own people), I’m content to quote Bogie: we’ll always have Paris.

Update: But wait -- there's more!

Update, Friday afternoon: And still more!

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