Friday, December 15, 2006

What's wrong with a little denial

Sixty years, and change, ago, the Jewish community of this earth started to say this about the mass murder and attempted genocide in Europe: “Never again.” The death camps, the gas chambers, the ovens, the six-million-plus killings would not be denied, would not be forgotten, would never be repeated. Good men and women worldwide stood with them in making the promise. Good men and women still stand with them intending to keep the promise.

This week in Tehran, hundreds of so-called “scholars” -- including David Duke and other such bigots -- gathered, ostensibly to debate whether or not the Holocaust really occurred. Under normal circumstances, denying an event ever happened probably would have no great impact upon the world, especially if the people who are denying a segment of history are the likes of former Congressman Duke and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Who cares if they pretend, for example, that those six million people were never murdered by the nazis? It isn’t as though what they think changes anything, right?

Except that, they’re gathering with a whole mess of other policy-makers whose next step after presenting “scholarly evidence” of a great negative is to use that negative to prove that there is, therefore, no right for Israel to exist. If nobody tried to kill them all off, they had no right to flee into the holy lands, and the West, then, had no right to help them establish their own state. They could have existed perfectly happily and safely in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, and the rest of Europe all the way from the beginning of the 20th century until today, as good neighbors to the Christians, without “stealing from Arabs” in the Fertile Crescent.

Once they “prove” that the Jews had no need to flee the nazis, the next stage is to prove that there is no reason to allow modern Israel to continue to exist. This, from a newly, illegally nuclear state such as Iran.

Now, if you’re somebody like Jimmy Carter, and you’re convinced that all mankind’s modern woes stem from “the authorities” in Israel (read: the Jews, direct descendants of the Pharisees), you may think this is no great problem. Let them nuke those nasty Zionists. They deserve it for making life hell for the poor, pitiful Palestinian suicide bombers, after all.

Of course, as a good sanctimonious Christian, you may have a few problems with that view when you realize that, in destroying Israel, the only real democratic sanctuary for Christians in the region is also razed. Plus, you should know that Ahmadinejad and his bunch will have no qualms about turning your holiest sites in the Holy Land into so much sacred glass. Jesus isn’t holy to Muslims, after all. I’m afraid Bethlehem won’t be safe as a tourist site until its half-lives are run out, in a few millennia. Merry Christmas, Mister Carter. That glow from the east will not be a star. Thank you.

And if Iran itself is suddenly blessed with governmental overthrow by the sorts of students who boldly heckle Ahmadinejad, the ball is still rolling against Israel’s legitimate claim to legitimacy, among Hizballah supporters in Lebanon and Syria. So Iran doesn’t have to do anything, and the West- and Jew-hating fanatics can still follow through on mayhem and murder, as usual. The conference, even if it ultimately fails to convince any outsiders, still provides foaming anti-Semites with another excuse for their actions.

The reality is, there is enough archaeological, photographic, documentary, and oral history evidence to prove these deniers wrong on every single count of their fantasy. It happened. Millions died while the rest of the world said, “ that’s impossible! Unbelievable! No person, no nation could be so monstrous!” and one nation was so monstrous. And, here we are, looking at a group of people who hope that the end result of their gathering in Iran will be a repeat of what they deny ever happened. And, of course, the natural progression from that point is to take out those who have supported the “unlawful nation of Israel.” In simple language we already know: “Tomorrow, the world!”

Unfortunately, there are not enough people who understand this danger of allowing them to promulgate their fiction.

Their denial of history will become deadly. Our denial of this current truth will only aid once more in murder.

“Never again,” please meet “Next year in Jerusalem.”

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