Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monmouth College schedules terrorist speaker -- again!

I'm told this year's freshman convocation theme at my alma mater is "exemplary lives." This fall, they've got a real humdinger of a schedule.

It should be enough that they drag all the regular leftist stuff out, as though that were the only way to live a life of honor, dignity, and goodness. But the college has gone and started a repeat performance of a darned fool act they tried just two years ago.

In November of 2005, Monmouth College hosted a known domestic terrorist, gave him a forum in which to influence the young minds of that institution's students. Like inviting a certain despot to tell his lies on the campus at Columbia, this is not an issue of preserving free speech, or of academic freedom -- it's about offering credibility to a man who unrepentantly, proudly plotted murder.

And, somehow, Bill Ayers will be back again to speak here (Nov. 17, 2007).

Ayers has yet to renounce his violent acts and viewpoints from his days with the Weather Underground. He still talks of those aims with some pleasure -- and encourages young people to act outside the law, even as he promotes his personal techniques for education... those which mock the loyal dead of our nation and promote extreme leftist indoctrination.

Ayers, once again, will use his warm voice and serpentine charm on children -- including some on the faculty -- who are inclined to like the idea of violent overthrow of a democratic government, when that government is not heading the way they want it to.

Why do the faculty of my alma mater ask him back?

The life Ayers has led, in my view, can hardly be described as an exemplary one. He plotted to bomb a social event which would have been filled with cadets and debutantes, as well as some moderately high-ranking members of the United States government. He persuaded others to follow the same path, and his girlfriend died while preparing to perform that violence. He fled the FBI and escaped justice. He never paid for his crimes.

At the same time Ayers plotted against Americans, actual innocents died, due to the same sort of self-absorbed, spoiled, arrogant behavior from the left.

Why on God's green earth does Monmouth College bring this creature back again to speak as though he were an exemplar of anything other than an unapologetic, spoiled, selfish, destructive anti-American jackass?

Will Ayers ever apologize for the acts of violence against innocents? Will Ayers apologize for having encouraged the widowhood of good women, apologize for aiding in the making of orphans? Will Ayers stand and ask forgiveness of the family of, say, civilian mathematician Bob Fassnacht, who died as a result of a terrorist act against Americans, by Americans?

Or is this just another leftist pile of manure trying to sell himself as the "progressive" font of wisdom and virtue?

And, too, what does that say about certain members of Monmouth College's faculty and/or administration, that they can deem a terrorist's life exemplary?

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