Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize Committee proves itself irrelevant

Here’s the short version: Irena Sendler versus Al Gore. I rest my case.

For those who haven’t heard about Irena Sendler, shame on you -- or shame on your news sources, whichever you choose.

Nearly everybody in the world has heard about the Goreacle, these days, and, even without the aid of the press, the public has begun to hear about the Goreacle’s unforced errors while promoting his new religion of anthropogenic Global Warmism. We’ve heard about his frequent use of petroleum-burning jet aircraft to flit about the planet while demanding that everybody stop traveling. He demands the “no-carbon-footprint-for-thee-but-not-for-me” housing plan, where we all turn down the thermostat to fifty degrees in our little huts in the wilderness while he lives in a mansion with a heated pool and lights running 24/7. Not to mention, he made a film laden with hysterical cries of doom which even his supporters point out is over the top, if not actually false on a number of fronts.

This is the face of a Nobe Peace Prize winner? Let me cite Alfred Nobel’s will as regards appropriate recipients: “...the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Funny, but I don’t see anything in there about establishing new, secular religions which would destroy the economies of modern nations.

Meanwhile, Irena Sendler waits patiently, not expecting any recognition for living a deeply humane life. Irena Sendler, who served her faith by saving children of another faith from certain death, is ultimately ignored by the Nobel committee. Irena Sendler, a Polish Catholic nun, who risked her own life to hide Jewish children from the Nazi occupiers, and later to smuggle Jewish children out from the Warsaw Ghetto and into the homes of other willing Polish families, into Catholic orphanages, and Catholic convents for their safety. The Catholic families, in turn, adopted the children through the agency Irena Sendler helped operate. Sendler, meanwhile, kept all the original names of the children, hid the records safe in jars, to keep track of previous lives and new records, so the children could later be returned to their families.

Irena Sendler was eventually captured by the Nazis, tortured, and sentenced to death for her role in aiding the Jews, but members of the Polish Council to Aid Jews (known by code-name Zegota) bribed guards on her way to her execution and managed her escape. As her online biography puts things, “[e]ven in hiding, she continued her work for the Jewish children.”

So, here we have a woman who put her life on the line every day to save people with whom some might say she had only a country and a God in common, and she is passed over for a prestigious award in favor of a man whose goal will make billions miserable for the sake of bad science.

But let us put this award into perspective. Over the course of just slightly more than a century, this award has gone to these successful arbitrageurs of peace: in 1994 Yasser Arafat (starter of fatah and, therefore, the intifada); 2002 James Earl Carter (who handed Iran to the Ayatollahs and other radical islamists during his tenure as president, and, later, helped Arafat start his intifada); 1988 the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces (presumably for their aid to starving children and women who were desperate enough to do anything for a hard-boiled egg or a scrap of bread); 1973 Vietnam’s Le Duc Tho (for bringing eternal peace to so many of his countrymen); 1934 Arthur Henderson (Chairman of the League of Nations' Geneva Disarmament Conference); and 1924 Charles G. Dawes, co-author of the Treaty of Versailles and later author of the Dawes Plan.

Certainly the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has gotten a few good ones in, like the International Committee of the Red Cross, George Marshall, Norman Borlaug and Andrei Sakharov. But, tossed on the scales, it would appear that, while those wacky Norwegian committee members have been hard at work hashing out their list, the preponderance of their winners have had less-than-stellar end results for humanity as a whole.

But I guess saving a few trees and a leftist agenda beats saving a couple-thousand-plus innocent Jewish kids -- and therefore humanity’s collective mortal soul --, if you’re on this committee.

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