Monday, October 20, 2008

Nothing to see here

No doubt everybody has heard about the "ugly tenor" of the McCain-Palin campaign as it seeks to defeat Obama-Biden in this year's elections. A reporter attended a rally of nearly twenty thousand supporters of the Republican ticket, and, from the midst of the crowd near him, he swears he heard somebody say, "kill him," in reference to Obama. Nobody else attending the event heard it -- none of the speakers, no Secret Service agents, none of the people the agents questioned. Just the lone reporter. The timing of the supposed "threat" occurred while Sarah Palin was en route to the event, still ten miles away in the motorcade, and, yet, media and Obama supporters (pardon my redundancy) seem to think she should have stood up right at that moment and said,"Hey, now, that's just wrong, ya betcha," and apologized for the perceived threat. Except that, there was no threat. Only one person perceived it.

And, on the topic of perceptions and preemption, how often have you heard the term "racist" being bandied about? Is it justified? How about when a twelve-year-old girl wears a t-shirt to school, the shirt reading "Go, Sarah, Go"? How racist is that? How racist is it simply to question a candidate's judgment? Was there overt -- or even implied -- racism in an ad showing pictures of him at his rally in Berlin, comparing him to a pair of celebutantes? Where was the racism in that argument? Which party brings up race as an issue at every opportunity? Which party pushes racial and ethnic divisiveness?

Meanwhile, this past weekend, the Straight Talk Express, campaign bus for the Republican presidential campaign, arrived at one weekend destination with a bullet hole in its window and several paint ball spatters. Last week, a pair of Obama supporters threw molotov cocktails at a McCain sign which was right next to a house, with total disregard for the well-being of those who lived there. Last month, a New York man was arrested for assaulting a McCain marcher with her own sign, beating her about the face and head with the board which held the campaign placard.

Or, if you prefer the less physical assault, take the case of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. Two weeks ago, the only people who had heard of him were his family and his plumbing clients. But then, Barack Obama entered Wurzelbacher's neighborhood while Joe was out in his yard playing football with his son. Obama invited him to ask a question, so Joe asked him, in essence, "If I work hard and improve my business so that eventually I can start taking in more than $250,000, why punish me for becoming successful?" Obama had a rare moment of candor, and gave a blatantly socialist response, "spread the wealth around." For the offense of making The One speak the truth in such a way that John McCain could use it against Obama, "Joe the Plumber" was subject to a full week of media scrutiny and exposure.

Ah, yes. The media think it's important that a private citizen's licence and tax status should be not merely viewed, but examined letter by letter for flaws. The media think it's important to expose Sarah Palin's attempts to have a drunken, child-tasering, abusive man be removed from the employ of the Alaska State Troopers until he can clean up his act (he is still a state trooper, by the way), and her suggestion that a man who had obstructed her administration in many ways might prefer a different government job, prompting him to quit and align himself with other political foes whose ambitions she had thwarted -- to the benefit of regular Alaskans. The media think it's important that we have a play-by-play of Palin family potty breaks and how much soap they use to wash afterwards. But nobody wants to talk about the tons of dirt under Obama's fingernails.

The media tell you that there is nothing important about the relationship between Obama and former-terrorist-current-radicals William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. How do they know there is no there, there? Because Barack told them so. How do they know that Obama doesn't follow the radical teachings of "G-D America" Jeremiah Wright, after attending his church for 20 years and only renouncing the words when in the midst of a campaign? Because Barack told them so. How do they know there is nothing important to the ties between Obama and partisan criminal organization ACORN? Barack told them so. How do they know there is nothing of importance to Obama's ethics violation as he took fees for appearances while still serving in the legislature of the State of Illinois? Barack told them so. They know McCain's followers turned ugly and threatening, because Barack told them so. It seems to me, there's a religious song in there, somewhere.

And we're supposed to take the media's "unbiased" word for everything. We're supposed to pay no attention to the little man behind their curtain. But this isn't Oz, and, even if it were, the powers were those of the people, and the the Wizard was a flim-flam man who took credit.

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